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RailPro for Large Scale is Here!!

This product is a game changer. Imagine having all those cool DCC functions w/sound plus Direct Radio control on ONE small board. Choose track or battery power.

Intro price of the loco module with sound is $180. Compare this to AirWire or the Revolution plus add a Phoenix board. $306 or $267. Next add the HC-2 color touch screen handheld controller for $270. Compare to [email protected]$165 or [email protected]$165. Total initial investment for RailPro is $450. Compare to $471 or $432. The ongoing savings is on each additional loco which is only $180.

If you want Wireless DCC functions without setting CV’s or indexing, simple English text and icons for all functions, Large speed knob, USB programmable engine type & whistles, bells, etc, 6 amp loco module with 8 Amp stall current, quick three steps to MU locos, then this could be an great option.

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I have purchased two of these systems from Don and put them into two of my diesel engines now and loving it. The sound is fantastic and the interface makes programming and adjusting a breeze compared to DCC. I do wish they would setup a page so you could preview sounds before loading them to a decoder but hopefully they will offer this in the future.

I have been asked about the DCC functions to be controlled. You will not believe how easy this is to setup. Please view this 16 minute video for a demonstration. The first part explains the RailPro Direct Radio Technology and Ultimate Series sounds. At 12:54 the DCC section begins.

Thanks for viewing.

I might be easy and it might be a great product, but that video is unwatchable - horrible music, garish graphics and a monotone moderator that throws features out fastrer than they can be comprehended by this old geezer. The website isn’t much better.

The first 36 seconds has those graphics and music. The rest of the video is a quick pace instructional presentation. Tim Ring packed in a lot of info during those 16 minutes. There are two shorter videos called part 1 and part 2 covering the basic technology without the DCC component.

John, remember to charge up your battery.


I’ve just become a crabby old fart ( The battery is working great! Planning on getting another soon. I charged it for the first time (I think) last weekend. My Smart Charger gave a new message I’ve never seen before when it finished - Rather than flashing “FULL” it flashed “CAPA” which I assume means Capacity. I have the charger manual, but haven’t looked it up yet.

This past weekend I attended the NE Train Expo sponsored by the HUB Division NER outside Boston. Many HO, S, O and G scale modelers. We featured the RailPro system demonstrating battery power for all these scales. Even had two HO U25B’s running on the floor with a crowd watching. There was a posting on the Facebook HO modelers group , with a photo stating " is the future now"! There were 138 replies.

At these shows you get to use the Handheld Controller and see how easy it to operate the color touch screen and adjust settings.

For the main demonstration I ran a Weaver O scale FA loco on the Metro West club layout. Selecting four different power sources. Transformer based constant DC, NCE power supply, NCE DCC command station on address 3 with a Pro Cab and on board battery. For the DCC function, just press enable DCC, select the address . When you press the light icon it is mapped to F0. Or you can quickly redirect to a different number.

There are two loco modules w/sound. HO, ON30, is $89 and Large scale is $167. The Handheld controller is $270.