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Railpro change 0ver

After seeing how easy it is to get different manufacturers engines to MU quickly and run together smoothly Suleski Transportation has changed over from Airwire to Railpro. Over the weekend crew members (Larry Mosher) and CEO worked on converting the fleet. 10 of the 14 locomotives now have railpro control. Waiting on supplies to finish the rest of the fleet. (We have a bunch or G2 & G3 Airwire boards and older Phoenix sound boards if anyone is interested) I love the way you can upload actual photos of each engine and put them on the controller.


Good Choice, I changed to Rail Pro some three ago and have been totally happy with the system. I purchase all my Rail Pro products from RCS and Don has answered all my questions.

Which Phoenix boards, I may be interested…

I’m looking into swapping my Airwire system out as well.
I’ll have to check out Railpro

I would be interested in what you have available for Phoenix boards and pricing?

Hi Scott - Great to see you posting here and welcome to the RailPro family.

Since you run diesels, you will be happy with the built-in sounds. The steam sounds and chuff timing leave a lot to be desired, but I live with it because of the ease of MU. I’m guessing your evaluation of MU was on Big Green last spring, but if you want to see a really diverse MU consist check this one out…

Shay leading two c-19’s with two 45 ton diesel helpers

Even the caboose has RailPro to control the lighting :laughing:

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I have been converting my locos. 2 GP 38’s a USA F 3 A&B and an Aristo Dash 9. Even. Though the GP’s are the same , when they were battery one was faster that’s the other and the F3’s were faster than the fast GP, now all of them will play well together MU’ed which I didn’t think would be possible. Love RailPro . And WOW you went all in at once for the whole fleet!!!

Another interested in Phoenix sound cards if the P8.

i am definitely interested in the old airwire and phoenix boards thanks

Sorry before I saw all these responses I was at the NHGRS club meeting and a member already asked for them