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RailLinx 2.4 APP for Android

I will be demonstrating the APP in my Bachmann K-27 at the OPS 2015 weekend. The two photos show the Android APP screen shot and the Bluetooth transceiver that plugs into the RailLinx throttles. For current users just swapped out the radio transceiver.

There is a smaller 3 amp throttle board coming in September. You can choose either the Bluetooth APP or standard handheld transmitter transceiver.

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Let me help, here’s a link to our website will more information.

Update to our Android 2.4 APP. At Train OPS 2015 we successfully ran my Bachmann K-27 and USA NW-2 using the Bluetooth APP. The purpose of this run was to determine if the concept will work on a large outdoor layout. It Did!

Using a Samsung Galaxy with Android 4.4 Joe was able to run the locos around Bob’s railroad standing about 60’ away by the side of his house. I took 10 sec to swap radio boards and less than one minute to link the APP.

Next week I tested the APP on my layout using a inexpensive Motorola Moto-E phone bought for $50 at Radio Shack. It came with Android 5.1 and Bluetooth 4. I ran for 30 minutes using the NW-2 testing range and using the layout of the APP.

What we learned from this demo program will now be incorporated into some prototypes. I was hesitant about using an APP, based on some I saw on a tablet. I believe for outdoor layouts using a smart phone nota tablet, was really cool and functional.

Stayed tuned for more updates.