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Rail grinding train in action

I caught this train just out side of Carmi heading west towards Enfield. First time I have ever seen one. Pretty neat to watch.

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I was today years old when I learned about high speed rail grinders. Wow!

Yeah the first time I saw one ( accidently) on the NS Lurgan branch I darn near wrecked my truck!! It was very cool to watch!! Nice catch Cuz!!!

Wow that is neat. I wonder how many calls were placed to the local FD to say there is a train on fire?

Was I today years old when I crashed a family reunion on LSC?


Set the wayback machine to 1981. We lived in a duplex in the suburbs of Buffalo with the New York Central four track mainline in my back yard. One morning I awoke to an unbelievable racket coming from the tracks. Ran outside to catch a rail grinding train pass right by the house. Last time I ever saw one.

Agree with Jon, was in the truck parked across street from tracks( BNSF) near Fullerton and was on my computer when I heard it before I saw it. Very LOUD and shrapnel flying from the grinding process. After it went and looked at that track and you could really see a difference , compared to the non profiled track next to it.wish I still had the pictures of the track