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Raffle at the NELSTS

The Amherst RR Society in conjunction with the Steam Locomotive Operation Group, Inc are pleased to announce that they will hold a raffle at the NELSTS.

Tickets for the raffle will be $5 each or 5 for $20.

The drawing for the raffle will be on Saturday April 29th at around 4PM. While you must be present at the show to enter the raffle, You do not need to be present at the show to win a raffle item. Winning numbers and instructions on how to claim your winning item will will be posted at for those not at the show when the raffle is drawn.

Following are the current items that will be in the raffle.

Organization Item
38th National Garden Railway Convention Convention Car
Bachmann Trains 1/29 scale 53’ Evans boxcar with end of train device
Banta Models Building Kit
Connecticut Trolley Museum TBD
Model Rectifier Corporation THROTTLEPACK 9900 DC POWER PACK
Piko America Freight Car
Precision RC Revolution Train Engineer 57000DSD (TX/RX Diesel sound SET).
RCS of New England 2 battery Packs
Ring Engineering LM-4S-G RailPro G Scale Locomotive Module with Sound
Soundtraxx BLU4408 Blunami Sound DC,DCC, Wireless Decoder
Split Jaw Products, LLC 12 pack rail clamps
Train Control Systems WOW501-Steam Sound DCC Decoder
USA Trains Four 1/29 Scale Peabody 70 Ton 3 Bay Coal Hopper Cars

USA trains is going big with 4 cars , nice prizes!!

Awesome line-up of raffle items !

Wish I could make it down for the show.
I would ah likely bought at leeeast 10 tickets. :sunglasses:

Congrats to the upcoming winners !!

The NELSTS was a huge success and plans are already underway to hold the show again in 2024.

The NELSTS Raffle winning numbers have been posted at There are still 6 unclaimed raffle items listed so check your tickets.

Thanks to all for participating and making this a successful event.


It was fun, but I was bummed that I lost my first set of coupons. I did put my name and number on the drop coupons, that’s why I kept asking for the name when you were drawing!

Every bucket I put a ticket in was won/claimed except the crossing shanty kit. If you still have the winning ticket for that one, take a look at the back.

I put mine in the revo and Evans boxcar, but didn’t win either. Still a good cause.


Alas the winner of the Shanty just contacted us.


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My chance @ winning any of raffle prizes has been just as lucky as winning the Mega-Millions prize ! :disappointed:

Yeah, bummer Jon. My empathies.

I flooded the bucket for the TCS sound decoder, figuring a sure win… not…

So when it was announced that the show turned out to be a great success, I thought “Yeah, I sure did MY bit!!” :grin: :crazy_face:

I struck out on the Raffle but so glad I attended the banquet as I won one of the door prizes - a really nice Shiloh brass signal.