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Rabbit Hole

Was doing some research and stumbled upon this link. It’s a rabbit hole that I’m not going down currently but I thought I would share it. I’m not even sure why I had it bookmarked (possibly for Hollywoods Horse Palace car?)

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Nice. Of course I went straight to the index, then to p218 for the V&T, but it wasn’t there! Or anywhere nearby, from what I could find. If you can find it, please let me know.

Regardless, there are lots of great illustrations and equipment tabulations.

Thanks for sharing, Rooster!

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Well ?
Now what ??

Thanks Rooster! A later edition it seems. Very cool.

I ran across this book (two parts) the other day.

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ORER come out every quarter ( and are still published). They list every car available for interchange.

Great for research and depending on the year your looking for they can be found for cheap on eBay. I currently have a 71, 89, 90 and 91 ORER on hand.

ORER are a great source of information about car fleets, batch numbers etc. I recently dug through mine looking for car numbers related to BNFE reefer series and found quite the variety of car builders and car sizes just in the BNFE rosters.

Thanks Bob. Coincidentally, I’m reading this book on aerial tramways, it’s fascinating (to me at least).

What a blast it would be to make a working model… :speak_no_evil:

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Sounds good. You were going underground, now you are going up in the air!

When will be finished Cliff?

I expect CAD drawings of your version of the Saline Valley salt tram before the end of the year…

Hmm… sometime in the 2030’s?

No, wait, my thought was that YOU’d get the book and, with those reports, and armed with your ever-growing 3D CAD & printing capabilities, lead the way! Was that somehow not clear?


Well Cliff, 3D printed tram buckets for the Mayflower aerial tram near Silverton have been available for several years now. Here’s mine atop a bookcase:

I always thought one could start with an LGB RigiDuo 9000…Your mission is clear! :wink:



I didn’t need to know this.

Not acceptable Cliff!

I’ll be dead by then because I found this “rabbit hole” staying on topic as recommended!

Besides I’m gonna have to go shallow soon …I can’t wait to molest it !!

I didn’t know you liked Coco Cola baths …

While I’m sure it’s a nice model…

Shapeways has priced themselves out of business. For the cost of only a few time of ordering (and waiting and waiting) one realizes that having your own resin printer is just as cost effective. That part isn’t anywhere close to $20 worth of resin. And yes there is “cost” in the design/artwork but dang.

I think the only folks that are buying via Shapeways are folks how don’t want to learn CAD.

Those printed models are very cool. I’ll conjecture, however, that it theoretically wouldn’t be hideously difficult to split out the components, add in fasteners / bearings / etc., and make potentially working products.

I totally agree on the Shapeways gig, I’m sure I’m not the only hobbyist to start rolllin’ his own. But for 3d printed metal parts, I’d consider them at least initially for the tiny mechanism bits (the gravity rope clutch that grabs the traction cable, for instance, really needs to work perfectly).

That’s assuming a two-rope system, which really took over after the early single-rope systems proved their vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.

BTW in a dual-rope system, a stationary cable carries all the load, and a much smaller traction cable does the hauling; and the carriers grab onto it. The single-rope system had a moving load-bearing cable that did it all.

OK, blabbing uncontrollably now… need to stop…


Well, that was my point as well. We’ll both be croaked by then and you won’t be able to chide me for being late. Probably.