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R/C Switches.

This is for those users of digital proportional R/C who have had problems finding reasonably priced R/C switches. R/C switches are designed to use spare channels on any brand of stick radios and RCS R/C equipment for sound triggers and switching motors ON - OFF, both in Live Steam and Battery R/C.
Whilst Centre OFF proportional ESC’s are very low priced very few of them have sound trigger functions and/or directional constant brightness lighting outputs.

RCS is now selling a range of such devices. Both solid state R/C switches and relay R/C switches.
They can all use the R/C Rx battery pack to provide 5 volts or switch traction battery voltage. Full wiring instructions are included. Outputs can be selected Momentary or Latch ON - OFF.
They simply plug into the R/C Rx and use screw terminals for connecting to the devices or lights that are to be controlled.

# MRW-SSLS. Solid State Lighting Switch. Lights are ON before loco moves. Reads motor control channel polarity to switch lighting direction automatically.

# MRW-RSS Relay Single Switch. Provides 1 x 1 amp trigger control functions for any channel used.

****# MRW-RDS Relay Dual Switch provides 2 x 1 amp trigger control functions for any channel used.

# MRW-SSDS Solid State Dual Switch. Provides 2 x 3amp trigger control functions for any channel used.

****# MRW-SSQS Solid State Quad Switch. Provides 4 x 3amp. trigger control functions.

**# E-SWITCH Single Electronic Switch. Any spare Channel turns on RX battery voltage supply up to 2 amps.**Cannot be used for sound triggers.

Full details are here.

Tony…do you have any pictures of how these units actually look on the garden railroad??


Sorry Richard. I don’t understand what you mean.

All of the R/C switches go onboard the locos to control various loco mounted items. Lighst, sound systems, water pump motors etc.
They could be used for controlling track turnouts but so far I have not had any interest in using them for that.

Tony the title of the thread led to a misunderstanding, we read it as ‘R/C turnouts’… which along with R/C uncouplers are in demand.

Layout accessories is the weak side of R/C. I decided on maintenance requiring Spring switches and kept the numbers down, others, I’m sure would love to push a button …

I can see a secondary Tx with a phone keyboard to dial in a numbered Rx switch to control…

Ok…I misread the title also and thought it was an RC switch for turnouts.


Nice additions to your product line Tony, more options for the users in easy-to-use “building blocks”


Thanks Greg.

The relay switches are very useful for triggering LGB sounds when converting their locos to battery R/C.

No need to nut out the wiring LGB uses. Simply parallel the reed switches in the relay terminals. One channel can trigger two sounds.

The dual Relay can also be used as a very simple OFF - ON - OFF directional speed controller. Ideal for users who only want to trundle around at low speed.