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Quotes disappearing as I post

I recently had a second occasion where I prepared a reply to a post, with a guote, and the quote disappeared when I posted. Here’s the thread.

It started normally, like this:

and ended up looking like this:

To fix it, I had to re-quote the section of the post in a new ‘reply’, cut it and cancel the reply, edit my original post and paste it in.

Testing quoting you…

EDIT: Assuming aliens took your quote.

I do know that sometimes if I edit what’s inside the quote, that it throws it away because of some weird formatting filter or something.

The absolute horror of quotes disappearing…aaahhh never mind it’s a FREE website anyway!

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BD, I have noted the disappearance of a selected quote myself and have come to the thought it seems to occur if I am the next responder to the posting. This puts the quoted text directly below the text quoted. I quoted some of your reply to see if it would happen on this post

I have seen it as well. When posted it shows that the post has been edited and the quote removed.

I’m testing this idea…

EDIT: Interesting…

Testing with just a short quote…

Perhaps it has been fixed? :innocent:

It doesn’t happen always, so there’s something else causing it. I’m glad to hear I am not alone . . .

Well, it just happened again. The post above had Bruce’s post quoted, as does this one as I type it, but then the page refreshed and the quote showed for a 1/2 second and then my text rolled up on the screen and the quote disappeared.

And that is how it happens here.

Looks like it happened to you

I’m guesssing :flying_saucer:

It’s always :flying_saucer: or :alien:

You left out terrorists! They are ALWAYS editing stuff… :innocent:

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Bump for post count and staying on topic!

Not my stuff. I have good passwords.

Does this help? If you hit the “Red/ok orange Pen” it might tell you why Pete.

Shawn V always hated the red pen but that is what happens when you marry a school teacher!

What/where is a red/ok orange pen?
Edited to find the pen.

It isn’t always Orange. Could be black, but find it in the upper right hand corner of a post that has been edited. Clicking on it shows you what’s been edited.