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"Germany" Sugar Loco operational again

This is a link to a local news article about “Germany” a small sugar cane loco that has just returned to service on the Australian Sugar Cane Railway (ASCR) after restoration/overhaul.

ASCR is where I volunteer to get my live steam engine fix.

This little loco has a bit of history behind it;
It was built in Germany in 1914 (hence the name) and because it was on a ship going to Australia when WW1 broke out, to stop the government impounding it, with no compensation paid to the mill, they threw the builders plates overboard so nobody knew it was made in Germany.
New ones have been made copying the originals.

This is a link to the ASCR’s website.

Awesome backstory!

I have spent the last 2 Wednesdays trundling around the track in the “Guards” van behind the loco.

Last Wednesday we carried 600 people over a period of 6 hours not bad considering we only have 6 small carriages and with Covid restrictions we couldn’t fill them.