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"Freight Cars of the '40s and '50s'"book review

Freight Cars of the '40s and '50s is a book Model Railroader put out by Jeff Wilson. I hesitated about buying this book but I’m glad I did. If you’re a detailed modeler and want to accurately model your freight car fleet, this book is awesome. This book lays out beautifully how to model your transition-ear freight car fleet.

Thank you Jay for drawing my attention to this book. I have, most likely, seen it mentioned on Kalmbach’s website but glossed over it.

I did a search, to find out about the book and any reviews. To my pleasure I noted it was available through Amazon from a UK dealer. It is now ordered!

With the lack of Aristo cars - which is what most of my fleet is - plus the $/£ exchange rate being quite poor at present, means that this book might spur me into building some car types which I do not have. Whatever, it seems like a good read.

Thanks Jay. Like Alan I ordered a new copy of the book on Amazon with free shipping for 17.97. It’s nice to be a prime member. It will be here this coming Tuesday.


We are Amazon Prime members, sure pays off. We live in a town with no stores but Walmart. Order lots of stuff from Amazon. First place we check when we want something. We even buy books sometimes-well Kindle ones mostly.

I learned some things from the book that I did not know. Doubt I’ll apply any to my cars, but we’ll see.