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"Bulbs" for out of doors

The question was asked on “G” Scale Central; “What bulbs are best for out of doors ?”

There were many brilliant answers, many of them will contribute, I’m sure, to the beauty of Gardens with railroads, or without.

How about suggestions here, with North American needs in mind…

Fred Mills

(Greg, I just gotta see where this goes, here on LSC !!)

Fred, I can start that off. ( here (South hills of Pittsburgh) we have some dim bulbs.

Seriously, we have (until the deer eat the flowers off) tulips and one daffodil in our garden. But the foliage isn’t anywhere near scale for the railroad, so those plants are in other parts of the yard.

When do they want to plant them? Some are planted in the spring and some are planted in the fall.

Here’s a couple of sites that shows the different varieties and when they should be planted:

Now Dahlias are a beautiful plant but they grow awfully big. My dad has great success with them, getting blooms off them all summer.

I’m switching to LEDs, because: if it doesn’t have thorns it won’t survive and if it has thorns I don’t need it on the railway.(

Not wanting to disappoint Fred…

Yes Fred, so many threads have titles that while it’s clear to the poster, it seems that they don’t often step back and ask “how will everyone else interpret this”…

It’s like threads with titles of “help wanted”, “how do you do this?”, “what if…” funny… even after the ambiguous title, he did not mention or show a picture of where the bulb went, only in a yard light and it was yellow… so it could have been a malibu garden light, a scale lamppost, or maybe those yard lights you see in a switchyard, a tall tower with a lot of lights on top…



Being that it’s in Gardening I assumed it meant plant bulbs. If it’s about light bulbs I would expect it would be in Tools and Tips or General discussion. I would expect any light bulb to work outside, depending on the fixture it’s in.

Around here there’s mercury vapor, halogen, leds, fluorescent, and the everyday incandescent light bulb.

Oh I assumed it was planting bulbs, but Fred did indicate he expected a diversified response.

A sad fact here; the only plant to survive my on the ground railway was an non-tasty weed that I nurtured for 2 years before it expired.

So when all y’all green thumbs start bragging, I start thinking … no telling where that will go.(

I never look at the forum name, except when uploading.

edit to add t

If you were reading the thread on G Scale Central, you’d get the joke a bit better.

The title of the thread was “yard bulbs”…

Then the poster said he needed a yellow bulb for his yard light…

so the thread went off in crazy directions, pretty funny…


Thank you to the people that kindly offered ideas of plant bulbs, for the gardens. If I can convince the squirrels around here to stop consider the bulbs as fodder for desert food; I’m going to try a few.

I have wanted to plant a few “Tiger Lilies” to replace the ones my late brother accused me of killing. I actually did try replacing them long before he passed away, but even surrounding the bulbs with heavy rocks, the squirrels managed to get them.

The truth of the matter, of the presentation of this thread, was to see how long it took for “Thread Drift” to jump in…with the hope that a bit of good humour would be good during the days leading up to the holiday season. You guys were a tad slow, and had to be prodded a bit by Greg…it all started over on G Scale Central…

Are we having fun yet…!!!(

Fred Mills

So I guess these don’t count

I suppose you get along with your neighbor well… them’s big bulbs


Ya, no problems, in fact she was sad when I took the previous set down a couple years ago, when the plastic bases had deteriorated. So when I put these up this year, she baked us some big chocolate muffins, no sugar. She’s a health nut, she made them with applesauce instead of using sugar, topped with these huge carob morsels, delicious!