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quarter decorated with what appears to be a screen printed decal

Found at laundromat today: a quarter decorated with what appears to be a screen printed decal designed to fit.

Looks like they used a pretty good setting fluid too, but what did it grab if there is no paint?

Or might it have been coated before decaling?
​​​​​​​Or might it have been printed right on the metal?

Is this one of Stan’s decals? :wink:

Coins are not a hobby but I wanted to show this to y’all and couldn’t find another suitable topic.

Those colourized coins were for sale a while back. They cost more then the vale of the coin. I never saw one in person, so I dunno if its a decal or screen printed ink/paint. But decals like to “stick” to smooth surfaces, so I don’t see why the coin would have to be painted before a decal would stick.

Been doing this in Oz for a while now. I have a few and all came from circulated coins.The colouring is a special paint that the mint claims does not wear off.

Back in the early 70s, before my brother got into silversmithing, he used to cut out coins with a jeweler’s saw, and sell them as pendants. He did very fine detail. The problem was, it was so time-consuming, it was hard to make any profit at it.

I wish I had pictures of some of the coins he did.

The Canadian Mint issues coins such as these on a regular basis, and has been for a great number of years.

Defacing “Coin of the realm” used to be a crime…at least, here in Canada.

Fred Mills

Fred, yea defacing currency is supposed to be crime, but in the service plazas on the PA turnpike, they have machines that will smash a penny into a pendant. The service plazas are run by the state of PA. That confuses me, because if its a crime to deface currency, then why does the state of PA have machines, available to the public, designed to do just that?

Defacing a penny is probably the best thing you can do with it.

I dunno. Every year I take several pounds of coins to the bank. Until this past year they had a machine that would sort and count them for me. Then the nice person behind the iron bars would hand me cash. Always more then $90. (

Now I have to wrap my coins myself. ( took me quite a while to wrap most of what I had. ( it put $102.50 in my pocket for the ECLSTS. (

It’s only a crime to deface currency if you return it into circulation. If you take it out of circulation you can do whatever you want with it.

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