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PRR G39 class ore gondola

This was fun little project. Optimized for printing with FDM and shared on Printables (New home for my designs). Printables

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Did you move all the other projects off Thingyverse ? Or are they still there?

I haven’t. I probably won’t move anything just copy and any new designs I share will be on Printables.

The plates at the corners resemble the buffers on European stock. Is that because ore cars couple so close to each other?
Just curious, David Meashey

I believe they are called push pads or something like that. They push the cars while unloading/loading.

I think Rooster is right. They have something to do with rotary unloading.

Really nice, Dan. Arranging things for filament printing is such a difficult matter, and you’re doing amazing work in that regard.

Thanks Cliff, Yes, drawing is easy especially if I have decent drawings and pics. The challenge is figuring how to cut it up into parts for best print orientation, post processing and assembly. My newer models involve use of the CNC which I find is a far better tool than an FDM printer. However, I have encouraged so many to get filament printers I don’t want to forget them. I try to be the “hey look what I built and you can too with a $150 printer” guy and not the “look what I built and you can too after you spend $$$$ on a CNC machine!” lol

Dan, I sure get all that.

I’m working on a 3d printed full size vehicle, as the dude who’s not only designing the vehicle but has to produce all the build files for the 3d printer. In this case, a pellet-fed printer, vs. filament.

Regardless, orientation is a driving factor. Many folks don’t understand that for FDM, you HAVE to have a base plane to build from.

So to get that, one might have to split the computer model into multiple parts, so they can be best oriented for printing. And then bonded together.

The vehicle body I’m working with involves around 40 parts, and much work in the post processing.

Dang, I’m going off topic… But thanks for letting me spill…


After blabbing all that, I forgot to make my main point, which was that I can’t tell where your base planes are. Which is a real accomplishment, great job!

But I can’t help but guess… Walls: top surfaces on the build plate…

Chassis top of the deck ditto…? I suppose though that there are sloped bin sides in there, so maybe not…

Then several add-on parts? How’d you orient / make the ladders?

Oh, I just saw your link, now I get it. Very nice design!!