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Prototype for Ladder Roadbed?

Saw these posted on Facebook in the Abandoned Rails group by Paul Libman. I admit to stealing his photos to post here!

These are made of concrete, and were located at Naval Shipyard in Charleston, South Carolina. Supposedly ties and rail were placed on top and were used to transport large and heavy steel plate for ship hulls…

PROOF!!! There’s a prototype for everything…(

Come to think of it (and that photo reminded me) the GWR “Baulk Road” in the UK was the same. Longitudinal supports and crosspieces to maintain gauge.

This pic is similar track at Paddington station today.

Fun post, thanks. In my 35 years as a civilian US Navy engineer, I visited that yard and others many times. Still regret not being a railfan during most of that, I would have seen a great collection of old switchers, even if I could not have taken a photo.