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Proposed Modification - LSC Scale Calculator


In my brief time here, I have become a great fan of the Scale Calculator. (I was tiring of having to work out formlae every time I used Window’s Calculator and even considered learning enough Excel to design my own.) Especially useful are the UpDown and unit conversion features. However, like any wonderful thing, I want more, MORE!

It does two sides of the scale triangle really well. Given Prototype and Scale it calculates Model. Given Model and Scale it calculates Prototype. BUT given Prototype and Model it can’t calculate Scale - yet.

There are times when deriving Scale can be really useful: e.g. I have Bachmann’s Emily and a book full of specifications for the many versions of Stirling’s Single, but Bachmann hasn’t published a scale I can find. So when trying to order detail parts from UK, it would help me to know what scale I am seeking. Working from the driver diameter, I get close to 1:22.78 which could involve micrometer error. It would help me to compare several other known dimensions to zero-in on the model’s scale. Once I was more sure of this, I might then work with other dimensions to determine which of the various 8’ Single series is closest to the model.

This won’t make me a better modeler, but it could propel me into a superlative rivet counter. (You owe your fellow hobbyists that.)

I hope I have shown there can be uses for this third side of the calculator triangle. You being The Power That Be, would you please influence the Calculator designers to add that feature. Those who are about to have their rivets counted will be forever in your debt.

Thanks, Ted

You could count my rivets Ted however I build by eye not pie

I"m with you David. I do the best I can , but don’t get too hung up on scale. I think many modelers focus on this so much they never get anything made.


If you follow the thread, on the “Emily”…actually two threads that should be combined…you would find that the detail parts that Terry Foley has pointed out, and their supplier, have determined that the scale of 1:22.5 is just about as close to the B’mann model of the Sterling Single, that you can get. You have to remember that the Thomas line of “Toys” are not meant to be scale models

Most of us only see Emily, as a basic base, for developing a fair model of the Sterling Single, in about, 1:22.5. The supplier of the parts in Britain, is used to supplying parts in this scale.
Check into the two threads for details on acquiring the parts…and stop worrying about scale in this situation…

Hi Fred,

Basically I with you about getting so hung up on minutiae that modeler’s paralysis sets in. And I wasn’t really extolling the virtues of rivet counting. (After all in my annual holiday display I run a tank car I made by gluing chainlink fencepost caps to a Metamucil container. It’s filled with Compressed Phlogiston and has Mr. Yuk faces as its corporate logo. Yes, I’m a real stickler for perfect scale.) In the threads you mentioned, I’m the guy who thanked tac for his good offices and told him I have already placed my order based on his work. I’m also one of the ones pointing out that it isn’t Bachmann’s fault if there are discrepancies between Emily and real Stirling Singles. Bachmann faithfully reproduced the flaws in Emily introduced by cartoonists creating a fantasy for children.

Still, I feel it would be useful if the Calculator could be amended to solve for scale. Using our Emily example one last time, It wasn’t easily apparent if I should be seeking parts in 1:22.5 or in the nearby 1:24. A calculator which could solve for scale would have made the answer easier for me.

In the interests of fair play, if it is acceptable for the cartoonists to deviate from reality, then it should be acceptable for me to be a deviant too.

Sorry, Ted…I forgot your contribution to those threads…

Hi, Fred,

All would be forgiven, but there is nothing to forgive.

I am fascinated by your avatar. He shows similar baccinalian proclivities that have survived in our gene pool ever since the days of our family monk in Sherwood Forest.

WOW …talk about thread revival …I was only searching for the Calculator so I could convert 500’x500’ to about 1:24 cause I’m lazy tonight and having bad ideas!

Still a good read and :rooster: was there back in the day in the hood!