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Programming issues with NCE and Massoth

I dreaded this would come this but I can not get my new massoth L decoder to work. I’ve combed through many threads and found one similar to my issue but no resolution. He took the loco to a friend’s to program on a piko system.

I installed a Massoth L decoder because I wanted to keep my new LGB loco original and it was plug and play. ALL lights and features are turned off, I’m programming on a programming track. There is NO aftermarket sound or sound to speak of and the accessories switch is set to 0.

Multiple CV are changing together like cv1 short address and cv5 top speed. Also cv2 starting voltage is changing together with cv6 mid voltage. Doesn’t take long to add up how that is frustrating. It is also not allowing me to do a factory reset. Any thoughts or is just not going to be compatible and I need to have someone else program it with their system?


Well I programmed on the main and I had no issues doing so that way. So hope that helps someone in the future using NCE and Massoth. Seems to be an issue with current settings programming on the programming track.

Glad you found your answer Kyle.

In case you don’t have it bookmarked, Greg Elmassian’s site has gobs of helpful DCC info, for example this page on Massoth issues.


I actually read that as well while doing my research. I like my NCE system and I know Greg was very well versed with them so I searched around on his site. I got a little frustrated but finally pushed through. Mohammod was very helpful from a stand point of trying to figure things out. Matt at NCE was very rude and claimed he never heard of Massoth and wanted nothing to do with helping trouble shoot. Oh well. No big deal… working for my needs now.