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Problems ordering from Plastruct/Evergreen

Has anyone been able to order anything from Plastruct or Evergreen recently? I need a Plastruct product but when I try to order online, I keep getting a message saying, “There’s a problem with our checkout. Refresh the page or try again later.” For the past week I’ve tried, no luck. Also tried calling them. No one is ever there to take the call, and no one ever calls me back or replies to my emails.

I found out that they are owned by the same people who own Evergreen, so I tried to contact Evergreen and have exactly the same problem. Have these companies gone out of business or something??

I sure hope not. They are the main suppliers in the hobby.

In my opinion, just another example of companies/corporations, not giving a damn about customers or customer service. You see it everywhere now days.

Ray, Have you tried a different browser? I’ve had issues on some sites running Firefox that go away with Chrome. Just something to try. Does not excuse the no response.

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I’m really leery of putting a non-Mac browser on my Mac, but I’m considering it. However, at this point I’m concerned that even if I got their website to take my order, no one would be there to act on it.

Ditto to what Jon said. I run a Mac and have had to use Chrome instead of Safari for some web sites.

At work we specifically recommend NOT using Safari on the Mac, as it’s a support nightmare. Chrome is rock solid for us.

Went to Chrome and got this pop up,

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Since hobby shops are becoming harder and harder to find in my area, (Ft. Worth, Texas) I have been getting my brass tubing, Plastruct, and other modeling products from Amazon. Since they don’t have every size it does become at times somewhat harder to find what you want. Now you just have to be able to convert inches to metric to figure out what size you want. I usually order other sizes of these products just to have on hand when needed for other projects.


I get my metal from McMaster-Carr.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I got Chrome this morning and was able to successfully place my order online. I’ve already received an email saying it’s being shipped today.

They really need to do something about their lack of customer service. Either take down the phone numbers and other contact info from their website, or put someone to work answering.

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