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problem with freight shed

Have created a folder in my freight shed and loaded a video, shows it is loading and when it gets to 100% a small box at the top center says “please select a file to upload” and click ok every thing goes back to start and folder shows no file, tried 2 different videos and neither would load and starting to think it is the format that the video is in, thoughts?


I am no expert, and the one time I did video here I uploaded to YouTube first, and as long as the embedded address is HTTPS/ you should be good to go. I do not think Bob intended for video in the freight sheds.

Al P.

Bill, it may be that the Freight Sheds won’t take video formats, but more likely is that you hit the size limit?

Even if you were able to upload the video, it would not render from your freight shed. I have had brief success getting video to render from my own web space. It required a configuration file to declare what to do with the file type. Worked for a while, but now does not. I just use Vimeo (or Youtube) then embed that.

The Freight Shed does not accept video formats. It has enough of a hard time with GIF photos. (