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Port Orford Revisited

A couple of pictures of a Port Orford box car on the old Port Orford bridge at the log pond of the South Fork Timber Co. mill.

I will let Cliff, when he comes along, explain the significance of these pictures :smiley:

Edit to add the pictures

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Thanks Rick, great shots!!

Bruce Chandler made this highly detailed car, I’ll guess as a reminder of his visits to Dick Smith’s POC layout… and Bruce can elaborate on that if he wishes.

Anyway, when Bruce retired his Jackson & Burke, he gave me a number of his scratch-built cars, this being one of them. When I saw Dick’s bridge on Rick’s layout, it seemed like the car wanted to go there too. So… with Bruce’s blessing, I sent the car to Rick last week, and there she now is.


It SURE looks good there!

The car is from a Phil Dippel kit…back in the day. Hardly scratch built, but a lot of fun to put together. I believe that Dick Smith gave me the logo and lettering.

It’s really fun seeing this on another layout.


Give Richard a call, he would enjoy hearing from you guys…He is still alive, in case you don’t know. The way this thread is going, you would think you guys think he has passed away…Better still, send him the pictures…
Fred Mills

Yep. Not sure, but I think he stops by here once in a while and lurks. I really enjoyed his posts and modeling when he was active.

Thanks very much for the gift to our railroad. I will get the couplers changed and put it in regular service on the SP.

Good to hear your typing once again. I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and realized that it was one of Phil’s kits not a big hauler :smiley: I always admired your work and your railroad, great to have a piece of double history running on my lines.

Dick and Helen are still very much with us and we keep in contact by computer and physical visits. I don’t think anyone is writing him off just yet :smiley: and, he did get the pictures :+1:

I think your right. Dick was/is a fantastic asset to our hobby, I wish he would contribute more of his skill and knowledge to our efforts.

Thanks guys

One last item

This is the last building that was saved from Dick’s railroad and now with the refer car built by Bruce it seemed like a good time to get this refurbished and out on the line.

What we started with, it looks pretty rough but the core is solid. Half inch Sintra and 1/4 inch Acrylic were used and it was all still solid.

What we ended up with after a lot of scraping and repainting and cleaning up details. I did add more roof top details and exterior light fixtures. I kept all the original signs even though they were a little weathered.

Due to this buildings odd, purpose built shape, 12 inches wide in the front and 2 1/2 inches wide at the back, it took some head scratching to find the place to fit it in. Settled on the Bayside scene as the place it belongs.

To get a switch cut in and develope operational trackage would have been a major mess, rebuilding all the lead trackage at the mill, so we will leave it as a sort of display track at this time. Although at the end of the track might be a good spot for a car ferry dock, hmmmm.


How cool! Great restoration job Rick!

Nice job. If had come here I probably would have left the natural weathering. I think it still looked great, just not new.

Boy…old momentary. I was up to Richards home a few years ago.
WE had a lot of fun picking on each others build.

We also use to work at the same Trucking Co. for years and never knew it at that time.
He worked out of the San Fran Bay area and i worked out of Sacramento as a line driver
to L A.