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Pitkin station for sale

Anyone have $600k lying around?

Wouldn’t that be fun. I had the opportunity to buy a house that sat on the edge of BNSF right of way. Always thought it would have been fun to build my man cave as a small flag stop station like this one as the back fence so that I had a station that “served” the line. But sadly we didn’t buy the house. I don’t regret it, it was a bad location for work commute, but I do still kinda wish I had the opportunity.

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Beware what you wish for, Devon…

This one could be restored to Man-cave condition for almost half the cost ($327000 - $346000USD)

And before you say, that is too far away… Australia has a history of moving stations. I’m not sure if any other place had railway stations at grave yards, but Sydney had 2 mortuary stations. …and they moved one across the country.

The cemetery railway station in question is the Mortuary Station, also known as Rookwood Station, located in Sydney, Australia. Originally opened in 1869, this station featured intricate stonework, stained glass windows, and a distinct clock tower, reflecting its solemn purpose.

In the early 20th century, the need for such a station diminished as funeral transportation methods evolved, funeral trains were no longer required.

By the late 1950s, the station was earmarked for demolition. In a unique move, the station was disassembled in the 1950s, with each stone meticulously numbered for reconstruction. The station was transported to Canberra, and was re erected as All Saints Church in the suburb of Ainslie.

If you visit Sydney, the other twin station (on Regent street) is just on the left as you leave the station heading north, by train (of course)… and if you made it this far… here is a link.

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