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Pin nailer

In case anyone is looking for a pin nailer, Direct Tools is selling the factory reconditioned Ryobi pin nailer at 50% off this weekend. Sale ends tomorrow.

I have one and love it. If you have any other of their 18v tools, it uses the same battery.


I’d like to order, but this says it doesn’t ship to home, only local pickup.

That’s interesting…I didn’t notice that. It must be because they are offering free shipping. I had mine shipped to me, I think it was $6 or $7 for shipping.

Never used a battery pin nailer, I’m sure they work just fine. All my nailers, various sizes are all air nailers. I prefer the pneumatic tools over battery power tools, just like the light weight and unlimited power supply and I don’t have a problem with the air line. I always say, if you don’t own an air compressor how do you ever get anything done.

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Very interesting. I wish I already had Ryobi 18v stuff. That would be handy. But I am a Dewalt guy myself. But a “cordless” pin nailer would be very handy.

Its really funny to me how each of us falls into what we like and prefer. This is in no way judgement, just an observation. But I was thinking the EXACT opposite of your comment. As a wood worker, home mechanic, amateur carpenter and what ever else I like to think of myself as being I have both pneumatic tools and battery tools. And now that I have switched to the ultra fancy (and unfortunately ultra expensive) Lithium Ion 24v system, I ask myself how did we ever get anything done without battery operated tools. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have come to absolutely despise cords and hoses. At work we use a cordless Milwaukee impact gun. How in the world did I ever manage without one of these?

But again this is not a judgment or an endorsement of “my way”. We all like and prefer what we all like and prefer and for each of us we have our reasons. So I appreciate fully your love of pneumatic tools. Just interesting to me how you wrote what you wrote as I was thinking the exact opposite. Humans are funny critters.

Just received an email from Direct Tools:
The refurbished Ryobi one pin nailer is on sale again for $65.99 and “Ship to Home” is offered.
The link is Direct Tools Outlet Site.