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Piko/MRC problem

I’ve set up a loop around the Christmas tree and hooked up my MRC Prodigy Elite to it. Ran my stock Piko 0-6-0 without any problems. Shut it all down to run some errands and when I got back, the loco would make the standard idle noises, but would not run. I pulled out my VW rail bus which uses a Digitrax decoder. It ran as soon as I hit the speed button, but only at full speed and would not slow down. I ended up changing out the cable from the base unit to the cab, and that solved the problem for the rail bus, but not the 0-6-0. I then tried my galloping goose dragon bus which runs on a TCS G8, and it is running fine. The 0-6-0 is still not running.

I’ve tried resetting the decoder, which is supposed to be cv#8 = 8. No joy. Not sure what else to check.