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PIKO 25 Ton Loco Pulling Capacity

For those of you with PIKO 25 Ton engines, how many cars can pull behind it on level track? How much does the train (not including the engine) weigh?

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Model Railroader Mag. posted a video of their 25 Ton engine pulling two of the USA Trains alumium tank cars (each car weighs 5 lbs) up a 2% grade, and I want to know if that is possible with a stock engine, or if they modified it.


Mine is the “Clean Machine” version that runs on six AAA batteries. I use it to keep something running at steam-ups when the live steamers are still raising steam or have just finished. I take the cleaning pads off the sliders to run it, and I usually use only two small two axle cars or one bogie car. I had the impression that this version was not meant to pull much, so I have kept the loads light. It handles the grade shifts on Steve King’s outdoor layout well enough.

Hope someone else can chime in with more information.

Regards, David Meashey

There has been one running on the IPP&W pulling quite a string of cars…without much effort…you can see pictures on one of recent “Mike’s Blogs” over at the OVGRS web page The railway is anything but flat…!!! I guess it helps to have traction tires…and no cleaning pads.