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PIKO 0-6-0 Saddle Tank

Up for sale is a PIKO 0-6-0 Saddle Tank, item #38202.

It is in new, unused condition, and it has never been run.

I am asking $200 plus shipping, or best offer.

Payment is via PayPal.


I’m not knocking the seller or the engineering quality of the Piko product but I wish Piko would stop making G scale stuff that looks so sterile and plasticky / toy like. This loco just screams out for some more detail in the molds they are using, eg rivets, bolts, matte treatment, or more matte/satin finishes in their paint applications. I look at the giant hex nut on the rear driver on this saddletank and there’s a huge plastic mold line across it. The saddle tank has zero rivet detail…what did the builders do, grind them off ??? The side rods and what not look like they’ve been put in a vat of chlorine to whiten them. I will stop my rant here, and start telling them directly !

David , think of it as a jumping off point for those that want a fine model, and a nice little locomotive for those that want something younger people can move without worry of small parts breakages