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Pictures - again, or still

i was roaming old threads.

most threads include pics that show icebears hiding in a snowstorm.
but every now and then there is a pic showing correctly.

by rightclicking and chosing “inspection” on both types of pics (icebears and normal pics)
i became reasonable sure, that the forum’s software accepts linked pics only, if they are “https” and ignores the much more common “http” type.

for me, as user of the forum there seems to be just one option to repair my old threads.
open each and every post with a pic in it, edit it by copying each pic, reinserting it to the post, adding an “s” to each URL.

that simply will not happen. (in the last decade i have posted/linked between 300 and 400 pics here)

for new posts there seem to be two workarounds.
either adding an “s” by hand to each linked pic,
or to fill up the forum with duplicate storing of pics already stored on ones website.
(downloading from the website, uploading to the forum, deleting on the pc.)

i think, that will keep the quantity of posted pics somewhat lower.

so i am hoping that there is a way to teach the forum software, to accept “http” pics too.