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Pics of barn-advertising? Repair needed

does anybody have pics fom advertising on barn walls?

Hey Korm. I google search brought this up. Lots of good pictures.

I noticed a lot of barns painted with ads for Mail Pouch Tobacco

That’s what my grandpa used, but I haven’t seen any of it since then.

This is is my motto…


Ken’s also.

Cool…good thread keep the pics coming …Korm needs ideas!

thanks to all of you. gave me some ideas already.
but, as rooster says: keep em coming!

Jon Radder said:

This is is my motto…


Yea, with Hershey’s Chocolate syrup…:wink:

Ditto on the Ice Cream YUM!

Don’t forget the famous “See Rock City” large scale building kit.

Not actually a barn but a really neat roof next to the Wiscassett, Waterville and Farmington RR in Maine advertising the RR I assume. hard to miss it.

I love this guy’s work, although it’s not just barns.

BTW, when I was kid, headed south to Florida with my parents, we kept seeing signs for “Petrified Creatures.” For mile after mile I begged and begged them to stop and we finally did, paying our money and going behind a stockade fence where we found a large shale pit full of those creatures–fossils! Talk about your P.T. Barnum moment. :frowning:

I posted these pics in another thread (on prototype trestles) but i figure they belong here. The barn is from 1875, the crossing signal from 1932. These are on my property in Forestville, California. The barn was built from redwood by Mr. John Oliver, native of Missouri. He was a blacksmith and orchardist, and the first postmaster of our town. The crossing guard was on the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad / Northwestern Pacific Railroad, about 5 miles from my place; that line was abandoned in 1984 and the tracks were torn out and replaced with a bike path in the 1990s.



Full details about the barn restoration explained here:

If you follow the link to my page about the restoration of this barn, you will find mention of an excellent photo and history book on Rock City barns. It is an extremely valuable study source, and supplied the prototyping for our barn painting project.

I will be replicating both the barn and the crossing signal at G-scale on an ET&WNC inspired train layout that will run right next to the real things.

I dunno if this helps, but I built this barn a while back and put some “Mail Pouch” advertising on it…



again, thank you all for the help.

I’ve always wanted to model one that said, “See Rock City.” Like in Cathrine’s post.

hey, folks, feel free to repair your pics!


I would, but the one I posted was in Boomers freight shed. Probably gone :frowning_face:

this kind of situations that’s, why i don’t like forum updates…