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Photos...last attempt...

Sorry I don’t understand this better…

Here is how I do it, open a freight shed here , download pictures from the computer to the freightshed , then open a topic, open Another page with the freight shed open the picture , right click on the picture select copy, then on the topic post page near the top of the page ,click on the icon on the top row above and to the right of FONT SIZES, and the arrow that looks like a sqhare with a black mountain in it. The attach image box open,right click on the source box and paste the image, then click OK . That is how I put this picture here. Good luck and keep trying , it took me a while to get it down

Thank you, Pete. A fellow list member just found my photos and put them on my other post. So they are now visible. Rather than repeat here after I learn from your instructions and the other assistance I’ve received, i’ll leave it only on my other post. Meanwhile, I’m keeping your instructions for when this comes up again.

Thank you,



What browser are you using? Microsoft Edge has problems with photos on this site.

Chrome. Windows Prof. 7.