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Photos in discussions

Why am I not able to see photos members are posting in most of the discussion topics I view?


Greg, make sure you are using https: vs http: in the url to LSC

Also might depend on the age of the thread. Pictures can go missing, etc, on older threads.

Thank you gentlemen
Yes, Dan I looked up and saw I am using https:
Bob that makes sense, just unfortunate. some of the pictures in the posts would help explain things to me.

If you have a specific thread or two in mind, I can do some digging and see what I can come up with. If the pictures were posted on LSC since about 2008, I can generally recover the photos. And if they were one someone elses site, sometimes looking through the internet Archive will produce results.

Bob, the thread is Track switches and curvature degrees.. I am trying to understand frog geometry and switches. I did find this as it shows angles

and this as well
The first pic of the frog doesn’t give any measurements to go by, and the second pic shows angels but doesn’t seem correct.


You MIGHT just want to search for what you’re interested in… :innocent:

I did find THIS (which MIGHT be helpful) : Track - Frogs and Switches

The “angels” look fine to me. It’s from a mining operation, so the angles are very steep compared with regular track.