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Photo embedding test


John Bouck said:

Apparently Freight sheds do not support jpeg.

The above was noticed on a different thread Sam.

David this is a jpeg which shows up without problem.

The original link is the problem in this case.


I am not going to give advice on the pic, because I am not qualified, but a “jpeg” does not work for me.

It has to be “jpg”.

John the pic I posted above is Sams and is a jpeg.

This is the address as it appears in Sam’s Freight Shed…'4E7030C8-5856-43D5-A6F9-02FB0E9EE521.jpeg'

Only the part I colored in red makes the picture appear. If you cut and use the part I put in red (or click on it here) the picture will appear. So it is not that the Freight Shed won’t handle jpeg, it’s how it delivers the address. This fact is a failure of the Freight Shed module.