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Phoenix Sound

Was just on there web page and it appears there has been some activity

will be good to see them back in business

Al P.

Too late for me, going to use RailPro for all my locomotives. I did like the sound files they have, but lack of response made me leery of buying from them

Not sure if that’s much of an indication of activity - I would think that the current page should be reflecting Thanksgiving as an upcoming holiday - Labor day seems to be quite awhile ago and the latest update is September 1? (It’s November HERE)

Hardly impressive in this day…

Pretty sure its down to a one man operation, and possibly part time at that. Website updates would be nice, but getting new products into production and keeping the P8’s shipping is probably a much higher priority.

Phoenix messed my UK suppier/installer about so badly we, sadly, fell out as I cancelled my order for 12 P8’s. They never replied to his emails pleading for information. I’d paid a deposit of £800 upfront (fully repaid, no questions). I know of another large garden rail UK trader who had given up on Phoenix for the same reason. I switched to the German made ESU DCC cards on the recommendation of a UK RC supplier’s agent - they have all the right sound profiles for my mainly US 3ft gauge D&RGW/Logging roster. The ESU card has the added benefit of including an ESC (it’s DCC !) - I’m going all battery/RC. Max.