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Phoenix Sound Computer Interface

I’m looking for the new USB version interface. Phoenix apparently doesn’t have them.
Anyone have one they would part with that they don’t need anymore?

Al Kramer in Vegas advertised a few weeks ago that he had PB22s and the computer interface. They may all be gone, but I’d give him a call?

You are aware that if you have the older 9 pin serial version, all you have to do is get a serial to USB adapter. Mine works doing that. After all usb stands for Universal Serial Bus.

Yes, I have checked into that as well.
I just like to use the newer stuff.
No problem. The adapter well do.
I just wish that if Phoenix advertises something, they should have it!

If you search you will find lots of threads that say Phoenix is out of business.

Yep, and none of them are correct. It’s now a one man shop. The chip shortage screwed their manufacturing capability and their customer communications turned to crap. They came up with new designs that they can get parts for and have been making new boards - thus the Al Kramer post about boards being available.

I have a feeling that unless you are a stocking dealer, your calls or emails get ignored. As such, contacting Al Kramer or Robbie at RLD can probably get you what you want.

Robby told me no and Al is sending me one of the “new” versions.
We’ll see.
I have a lot of the older P series boards that I want to change. The reason for my inquiry.
I bought a windows laptop just so I could use it for Phoenix and AirPro only.

Got one from Al Kramer.
It was the last one!