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Phoenix P8 For Sale

I have a Phoenix P8 that was recently removed from a loco I purchased used. I have bench tested it and it works as it should. Loaded with steam sounds, but is programmable if you have the interface cable.

It includes the cable harness for all of the connectors (3), and I’ll include a Phoenix speaker from a different install.

Last one I saw advertised of Facebook G Scale Swap & Shop was a bare board listed for $225 and later reduced to $200 + shipping. I have no idea if it sold at that price or not.

I’d like to get $180 + 10 to help cover USPS Priority Mail shipping.

Paypal F&F preferred, or, if I know you, a personal check is fine with no hold. If I don’t know you I’ll still take your check, but wait for it to clear before shipping.

If this doesn’t move here in a few days, I will cross post it on Facebook.

I just bought a new one from Charles Ro for $195 and came with the Phoenix 3” new speaker. I’d offer you $150 since used and no known history.

Thanks for the offer. It’s good to know current retail.

I’m going to wait a bit and see if any other offers come along.

As far as history goes, it was previously owned by a long standing member here and I’m sure it was never messed with. If they work, they work.

Sent you a private message.

This is still available. Was not able to come to an agreement with the offer above.

I’ve reduced asking $175 including a Phoenix speaker and shipping. Going to Facebook too soon.