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Phoenix connector P5

I Have a Phoenix board i think i got from Jon. works fine, however the system i am installing it into (airwire) requires a couple of more wires than are in the socket female side of connection C1. i have sent a note off to Phoenix, but wanted to see if anyone can identify these so i can outright purchase, or if you have a few hanging around send them to me. not the best of pictures (camera will not focus) but around .20 in lg.

Perhaps some clearer pics of the connector itself? Looks like what I call an Amp connector perhaps but I’m not sure?

Al, Poke around in Molex’s site here: Molex is a major manufacturer of electronics connector. It will help of you know the pitch of the connector, usually in mm. It may take some time, but I am sure you will be able to find the contacts you need.j


I did a look around and wasn’t finding the connector. have contacted them and have just now sent along photo’s to them, so hopefully will know soon.

Al P.

I believe i have found the correct contact/crimp terminal, after i ordered the wrong ones. well i will have both to work with. the good part # is SPH-002T-P0.5S, available from Newark electronics.

Al P.


I have the Phoenix extra wires if you still need them


Stan, let me see what shows up early next week. if they don’t work will probably be there on Saturday.

Al P.

One more idea. If there are unused sensor leads on the P5 it is possible to remove them and move them. I assume it is the alternate power leads that you want for the P5. Using a tool with a small point on it you can push down the locking tab while gently pulling out the lead. Afterward use something like an Exacto blade to bend the tab back up so it will lock in place when reinstalled.