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Phoenix Computer Interface problems

Is there anyone that can help me trouble shoot my computer interface for phoenix sound system or someone I could send my boards to so I can swap sound files. Phoenix is not the solution or the answer. They have been nothing but a nightmare these past 2 months. I have one sound board I’d love to change sound files but I keep getting an error message about rxbuffer everytime I try to connect to the board itself. I have tried every troubleshooting I can think of. Phoenix said it’s bad hardware and I sent in my usb dongle to them. They sent me a new one and the issue remains. Thanks in advance for any help.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Phoenix software and their USB driver?

Multiple times on 3 different computers. Also, have tried downloading software right from their website.

Do you own more than one programmable board? If so, try connecting a different board, just to see if it will connect, not to change anything. If it connects, the issue is in the board.

I’ve tried 2 2k2 sound boards.

So what’s left to change out, the cable itself? This is a head scratcher!

So here is a wild guess. You said problem is an Rx buffer error. That might mean that the software is unable to establish a memory buffer to receive the current configuration from the board. Assuming you are running Windows; maybe starting the Phoenix software as Administrator (right click while hovering icon and click Run as Administrator) will allow a buffer to be created.

I have a board with similar problems i think in part due to the type of terminals on the board were spring clips. they only used these on one board. i have had some boards that have given me issues that resolved themselves after a few try’s. the older boards may not like the current software version either. Phoenix no longer supports them.

Since I have two 2k2 boards, I did try swapping the cable with the female socket. I will gladly try opening as administrator. The program seems to recognize the usb adapter and states that there is no sound board connected. I believe it just says disconnected, check connection. The moment I power the board, the status changes to connecting but then the rx buffer error pops up immediately. If you look at the log file it just shows a series of about 10 lower case a’s. Jim at phoenix said it should keep trying to connect but the moment it tosses the error code it stops trying to connect.

I don’t have much to add except that when I had Phoenix boards, I powered the board up before connecting the cable. That’s probably not recommended.

Ok well I tried running as an Administrator. No change. But I have gotten a different result. Normally when I would connect to the board. I would get the error message and then the log file would display 10 lower case a’s then stop trying to connect. I figured out if I click ok on the error message then click the comm port window and select the comm port again. The log file then trys to connect. The lower case a’s start cycling through the logs but after every 10 a’s or so some lower case r’s appear. When the r’s appear I hear a clicking from the sound board speaker like is trying to communicate but never does. Not sure if this means anything at all… but that’s the latest

That’s always a good sign when troubleshooting; making it do something different. I don’t have anything else to offer except I have an extra programming jack for the board that I don’t need. It’s yours free if you want it.

That sure sounds like a baud rate issue but I dont see a place in the software to monkey around with that…

It’s been a while, but in Advanced mode I think there is a place in the pull downs where you can set it.