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Pete’s MIK 2024 Addition

Back a few years ago I did a really sad MIK semi flat building on the west side of my layout

Since it was built I added the awning, but a tree branch and some animal on separate occasions have knocked it off, so after some serious bullying by some member here with the initials (D) evon (S) insley and as a people pleaser have succumbed to the high pressure threats and public shaming and bullied into joining the Challenge. The quote “make a freaking switch stand , just do something !” Frankly scared me !!!
So I present the enclosed addition to the Sandoval Family Restaurant Supply Building. Now railcars will be loaded and unloaded from both sides and a forklift bridge on the back will allow them to move supplies faster and turn cars to avoid the dreaded Demurrage charges .

The addition will be 9.5” wide, 10” tall and 24 “long, it is narrow due to proximity to the main line. The building is probably going to be blue foam and the plan is to have it skim coated with cement. If it is successful then the original coroplast building may be coated at a later date, for now it will be a noticeable addition


I might have actually said that.

Well after realizing yesterday evening that the challenge began without me , I figured I better do something to keep from being bullied more!
I was never happy with the look of that building to begin with, so removed the awning and started
So building with 1”foam I constructed the addition to the Sandoval Supply building. Now railcars will be in an enclosed (mostly) building. Assembled with 3” wood screws for now .

Now to try to find the article I read about coating foam with cement, I have a tub of it purchased a few years ago when I was going to build a warehouse out of foam.

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After I get that part figured out , Hilyer A/C company will be called to provide some industrial units for the new and the existing building. And going to attempt to find some parts and stuff to bring them to life

We’ve used concrete patch and Quickcrete on foam landscape. We’ve had no issues.

The pictures date from 2018. I’ve only had to make a couple small repairs.


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I hear great things about that AC company, Pete :grin: I like the covered loading area. It’s a great addition to the existing structure and adds a lot of realism to the area.

What could go wrong here???
Figured I would add these “before” pictures just in case, cutting the plastic pieces for window frames. This is where things go south some times in my builds, so if I miss a few days , y’all will now see why ! Work continues!

Careful … careful …oooouuuuch

I love Pete. One of my favorite people on the planet. And I dont like most people so thats saying something.

And I will feel horribly guilty if I bullied Pete into accepting the MIK challenge and he tragically dies in a modeling accident and bleeds out.

The whole point of this post is my lovely wife always says if you say something out loud , like hope I don’t cut my finger , it will happen!! Been trying that with lottery tickets for years but that has not happened either!
Showed her this and she is mad at Devon for suggesting I’m gonna bleed out!!!

Personally I’d cut that with the piece laid on a surface and with the point of the blade. Used to do it the way you do in the pic. Another method is to get out a modeling square file and erase the bit :sunglasses: JMHO YMMV

If it was thinner I would have cut it flat, but it was flared to reinforce the webs so this seemed to be the easiest way, put pressure on the knife and rock the piece back and forth to slowly cut.
BTW the window frames are true MIK material, I have cut up pieces of the milk crate that I made the base of my homemade bridge,

And then there is always a exacto saw blade or modelers saw like Zona

Survived the window frame cutting by being really careful!

Cut windows to give the front a little interest, used a piece of hardware cloth (strange name for metal wire)but got the pieces fit and they are hiding under the blue tape

Then set about to test the cement sift and spray method on a piece of the foam. So far I am liking the way it looks, the cement I used is called Quickcrete vinyl concrete patcher. It has a polymer and sand and is supposed to be durable and strong. That is one fairly thin coat and has been drying for about a hour in upper 50’s temps.
Don’t think I will get much done in the next couple of days due to weathers d other things, But we will see. Going to start designing the Hilyer A/C units and have an order of some parts coming tomorrow . Onward !

Doesn’t look like a lot, but under the clamps and assorted mess is 3 sides to the A/C unit and a little sneak peek of an idea I had for the A/C unit. We will see how I accomplish the attempt.

Well rain off and on again today, but went out and got the A/C unit mocked up, made the air intake grill from some hardware cloth and some window screen material

The top fan cutouts I think might surprise a few people, I tried to make some fans and got about an hour later decided there has to be a better way. Might be able to show tomorrow , but might wait and hold off til the glamor shots
Oh and I added the fancy parts on the ends and corner to add a little interest,
The cement sifter and wetting test was a success, so as soon as I can I will start sift and spray operations. Someone on Facebook is doing a building and uses Flexseal spray on the insides and I am going to follow his lead on that idea. If the spray cans are in the budget… if not I will wait til project is done.

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does he use it on foam? Id be real interested to know if it eats foam.

That’s what he said, but I didn’t ask if it eats it, if it eats a little , then maybe that’s ok for inside parts that will not be seen. I just glued a couple of little pieces of foam on yesterday using E 6000 and it didn’t seem to do much to the foam, but I didn’t really try to break it

E6000 works great on foam the little bit I played with it. Doesn’t melt it. Another option is hot glue but it physically melts it as opposed to chemically melting it.

Well so far the cement on foam is working pretty good. The cement I bought is vinyl patching cement with a binding polymer, and unmentioned in the description sand , so this has a much rougher texture than I was really going for, I may buy something else later on and redo it, or do the whole original coroplast building to match. Not sure , but it’s turning out ok.

that is 2 coats on the front and this evening I did a side wall. Spray painted at A/C refrigeration unit and have to decide what I am going to add to it,. The top parts are going to stay their colors they came with , unless when I get them on they look crazy, then I may still leave them . I will explain when I show them