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Peoples for my Porch

Two of my 3d-printed-cast-in-resin-peoples I’ve been working on. They are intended for my shotgun house front porch. I really need to get my own 3D printer, these are cast from Shapeways ‘strong and flexible’ prints and are ok but lacking in face detail.

with your own printer you will get even less details, than shapeways can deliver.

i would be very happy, if i could print figures as detailed as these two are.

That would depend on what printer you have vs what material you select at Shapeways. These particular models were done in strong and flexible, the lowest cost and lowest resolution. I’m not sure what that is but I found this quote on one of Shapeway’s blogs:

Shapeways’ Ultra Frosted Detail Plastic can make details as fine as 0.1 mm

So, that means something like the MakerGear M2 would do that- at least in theory. From their site:

  • Z resolution: 0.1mm to 0.25mm recommended. User selectable down to 0.01mm

What I am wondering is if there is some way to have a mixed resolution, ie the body at .1mm, then when it gets to the face, .01mm. Probably not but that would be neat if I could.

Now, the M2 is $1900, so it’s not cheap but if it will do that sort of resolution, it would be worth it.

well, my DaVinci does 0.2 layers. (nominally even 0.1)

if you want to see the limitations of that, take a peep at the pics in this thread:

Thanks Korm. I am investigating the M2 Makergear at the moment. I think I can get a sample print from one of the guys on the M2 forums. According to them the Shapeways white/strong/flexible is .1mm on all three axis and the ultra is .025mm. They claim M2 will do .01mm, if so, that would be really great but I have my doubts.