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People for Hubley / Gabriel 1/20 Scale Cars

As some of you remember I made these last year. Finally got some finished and installed.

Got some more in the works. Will post more pics as I get them done.

They look great, you really got the faces!


Great Boomer. I like the treatment of the cars too. Makes me remember that I’ve got a couple Hubley kits siting on the shelf I should complete too. Love the seated figures.

really nice painting!

and about making the figures themselves, either i missed that, or i forgot…

could you give the link to that?


I don’t think I did a build log on these figs because I have covered that process in detail a couple of times. Here is a pic of the setup for pouring the RTV mold.

I am not very artistic so it takes me forever to make the masters on this stuff. I reuse a lot of what I have already done and just make changes for variety. This is really evident on the men’s heads where the new hair and details are visible in yellow modeling epoxy on top of the original gray primed heads. The original body appears the same way. After making an initial cast I then used copies as the bases for the coverall and suit bodies. Once I had those I added folded arms to each body type for the passenger figures.

One thing I found out right after making these was that the Hubley Ford model A pickup has a shorter distance from the seat back to the firewall than the other vehicles in the series. To make people fit in it I had to cut their feet off and sand down the arms. This fall I will be making a new set of bodies and arms that will fit the pick-up better.

I also have these guys for the Model T series in the works.

It is all very labor intensive but none of the commercial casters makes figures like this in 1/20.3. The same reason I made passengers for my Accucraft coaches. Still need to redo the male figure so his hands are crossed in his lap.

In the end it is a case of if I want it I will have to make it.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

thanks a lot! this pic of the casting preparation will help me.

Hmmm…I can’t see the pictures…others seem to be able to. I just get boxes with an x. I’ve tried both Google and IE…any thoughts?


Richard Mynderup said:

Hmmm…I can’t see the pictures…others seem to be able to. I just get boxes with an x. I’ve tried both Google and IE…any thoughts?


I don’t even get boxes w/ red X

I wonder if they were Photobucket stored? The bucket just disabled 3 party posting for free. Many folks removed all for a new site of their choosing. Leaving voids in old posts.

I did see them when posted.


I don’t see any photos either.

Oh ummm yeah… I accidentally deleted the folder that had these pictures.

There you go.

I will try to get the website updated on vehicles in the next week or two.

Now I can see the photos, nice work Boomer.