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Password Nightmare

I still can only login using my cell phone as it somehow stored my password, however I have no idea what my password is!
Trying to navigate the site on a phone is horrible, I am trying to find where to go so I can set a new password but I can’t find it.
I have tried having the site email me the link to reset my password but that only keeps sending me a new link email but never lets me setup a new password!
I also notice my actual user name is messed up on the display that I see.

If you’re logged in on your cell phone, at one point you have successfully done a password reset on the new site. Here’s how I would proceed.

First, I would go into my phone’s password app and see if I can see it. On my iPhone I go into settings, then search for “Passwords”, click the app with the key, and then find the entry for I do not now how to do this on an Android, but I would bet its similar.

If you want to set a totally new password instead, DONT use your phone, at all, for any of these steps.
Go to a computer that is NOT logged on. Click on the Log in button in the top right, then click on the “I forgot my password” link here

On the next screen, enter your email address and press “Reset Password.” The system will send you an email in around five minutes. Do not do this step more than once, you can only have one in-flight password-reset at a time, and you may end up with conflicting emails.

Once you receive the email, there will be a link on it to reset your password. Again, DO NOT do this on your phone that logs itself in.

You should now have a password that you can enter on both a computer and on your phone.

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I have tried using the password reset, it does not work.
The link it provides brings me to a scrambled LSC website with no place to log in.
I have also found my password my phone is using and I have just tried it on my PC and tablet and it does not work.

PM me the URL this is going to, please. I see an outbound password reset email to you at 11:07 today.

EDIT: Looking deeper into the email logs, last night at 9:34 you requested a login via link email

“[Large Scale Central] Log in via link”

Maybe that is how you are logged in via the phone? Its odd that the saved password on your phone does not work on the browser. My guess is that password is for the old software, and the log in link is how the phone is logged in.

I gave up and just started a new account.

Just testing…


Nice picture. Glad to see you made it.

Those are some good looking ore cars. Who made them?

Those are Accucraft with coal loads made by Reindeer Pass.

Glad to see you worked it all out Vincent.

And yeah, great photo. I love the train against those “tall pines.”