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Part time indoor layout

We took the furniture out and played for a couple of days…

Oh cool. My mom would have my behind if I did that, again.

It was a lot of fun… And each time we get to do different layout and experiment.

That is FANTASTIC Steven…it gives a whole new meaning to running a train around the Christmas Tree. Nevermind the tree! You and your family must be a lot of fun to be around! Way to go!

I can just see this. Send the wife away for the weekend, take all the furniture to the garage, layout the track throughout the house, and then when she walks in the door on Sunday evening yell “surprise”. . . she’ll love it.

You must either be single or have the coolest wife ever.

If she isn’t the coolest wife ever, then he just might be single. If you catch my drift. (

Married for over 40 years! I am very lucky…

Steven Deutsch said:
Married for over 40 years! I am very lucky…

Well I have a great wife but I don’t see her letting me move the furniture and setting up a garden railroad indoors. . . through out the house. . . in every room. . .(

How much track do you have down. I mean some of us would love to have and out door railroad the size of the one your running indoors.

BTW I love the piece with the interesting opposing three way switches. Unique.

We have about 240’ of track in 3 mainlines that go around the house. It’s all LGB R3 (8’ circles) including the 2 LGB 1235 3 way switches(I found them in Europe).

We use rubberized carpet tape to keep the track from moving. We take 2 pieces and put the sticky sides together, that gives us 2 sides with non slip surfaces… Still looking for better solutions…

It takes about 6 hours to setup and 3 to tear down.

The power is all Bridgewerks and we made the switch and power boxes out of hobby boxes.

Thats just really awesome.