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Outdoor Pizz RR

I just finished a 4 foot diameter battery powered RR around a tree in my backyard. I call it “Flowering Pear RR.” I made a short video of it and took some pictures.

I sent them off to “” to enter in their garden contest. It’s a popularity contest; I’m not promising a chicken in every pot, but I am asking you to view it and vote for it if you think it is good enough to entice some new folks into the hobby. appeals to the inner geek in everyone with all kinds of projects to build at home. Should catch some younger folks.

Looks good. I don’t remember the tree there tho. Guess its been a long time over there.

Roundy roundy?

Dave, I wanted quick and dirty. I can do pick up and delivery, though, for easy opertion. Just can’t do remote reversing. After all, the remote has only one direction!

Dick, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I meant it mostly as a joke. A pizza circle is of course a roundy roundy, just the way some of us like it.

LOL! Not everyone on this board recognizes that simplicity IS a virtue, but I picked up my first load of water from the dripper behind the tree, but haven’t found a spot to deliver it.

Ah, um…well…you need to put something in front of the tree. A pool, a bottling plant, or a dry riverbed.