Large Scale Central


Anyone that’s been to my place knows this crossing and how bad it is.

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I wonder why he slowed or stopped to get hit. There is no stop sign coming across the tracks. Glad the little crossing shanty or eh depot didn’t get damaged.

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My guess is he was turning right to the bottling plant, there was a car in the way, and then the train showed up.

Ah, wide swing needed. Dang! All in all pretty minor compared to what could have been.

Yea. That’s the second truck to get hit in 3 years. That crossing and intersection combination is stupidly dangerous. Like you said, its a 3-way stop, and traffic coming over the tracks has right of way, but half the people think its a 4-way stop and stop on the tracks, or people treat it as a free-for-all and just drive through the stop signs. Plus the MBTA trains are hauling ass there, and a WB train wont be able to see the crossing until they’re right on top of it because of a corner.

So many times when I was driving truck some cranium rectum sufferer would as I was turning just keep coming forward , even though I was already coming around the corner or they wouldn’t move back to give me room to turn when it was a small street.
And dong get me started on the fools that try to go around you on the right when there are 4 bright turn signals flashing away, only got one car , way back in early 70’s , police wrote them a ticket too!

Yeah, that’s a very familiar intersection for me, I went thru many times while on my trip up there a year ago. And yes it’s confusing for newbies! Like Jon said though, glad nothing smashed into the station.

Besides being a lovely old station, it contains a massive collection of wood burning stoves, many of which have been restored and are being sold.