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Ops Session Ridgway Grande Scenic Railway 27 June, Alexandria VA

Jo Ann and I will be hosting our Summer RGS operation session on 27 or 28 June. You and your spouse are invited.
27 June is the primary (my 75th Birthday). If there is rain in the weather forecast on 27 June the Ops Session will be on 28 June.
We have continued to make improvements on track work, buildings, and landscaping (thanks to Jo’s hard work).
Also, Jack Thompson’s highly detailed structures will be in place to add realism.
Traffic is bad in the DC Metro area, so no firm start; we’ll be set by 9:000AM - if 10:00 to 2:00 works for you, it works for us.
It’s all dead rail. Live steam is fine, just remember there’s 60 feet of continuous 2% up and down grade on the Railway.
PLEASE let us know if you plan to attend via email ([email protected]).

My Cell is 703-399 5934, Jo’s cell is 703 660-9592

The address is 7103 Vantage Drive, Alexandria VA 22306

We had a great time running a variety of trains on Jim’s magnificent RR.

My Regner live steam Heisler climbing up the canyon:

And rolling back down the hill:

My (electric) 2-6-0 returning to Telluride to drop off the empty stock.

Jerry’s live steam Shay


Here’s a short video of Jack Thompson’s trains.

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Neat stuff! Thanks for posting. So sorry we missed it - it got rescheduled to Wednesday from Tuesday due to the forecast of severe storms. We never got any here, but on Wednesday, Jean had Physical Therapy and then we both went to visit my 97 year old Dad…so couldn’t make it. I did stop by Tuesday and got a few pictures;

It REALLY looks nice! Lots of work done! ALL of the vegetation looks great!

All of the buildings are secured in a little shed:

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