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Ops Session Ridgway Grand Scenic Railway 16 Sep, Alexandrai VA

Jo Ann and I will be hosting the first Fall operations session on Saturday 16 Sep. If 16 Sep has rain in the forecast we will move the ops session to Sunday Sep 17. We have constructed more buildings to make the railway more realistic.

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We will certainly try to attend THIS one, (we’ll be gone in October!)

Just got back - what a day. Just perfect weather to view a wonderful layout!

There’s been some new buildings put out on the layout…

some trees died, but everything looks just great!

Jack Thompson was there with his wonderful train and this model of a 1:20 tank truck. (The engine house, station and water tower, plus the water station in the background with the tank truck

, were all built by him)

It’s an inspiring railroad!

Around noon, we all chowed down on some homemade foods from the MASTER chef - JoAnne; we had some calzone and pasta salad - absolutely delish!

There’s another session in October - (We can’t make that one :kissing_closed_eyes: as we will be out of town), but mark your calendars and come on down- it’s a great layout!


Great pics Bruce. Sorry we missed it, but we’ll be back for October.

Thank you for the lovely pictures of The Ridgway Grand Railroad.
Would it be possible to see a sketch, or diagram of the railroad’s track plan, and a brief description of the “Operations” which took place…PLEASE…?
Fred Mills

It is just a figure-of-eight, but a large one, with a terminus inside one loop. Bruce’s last photo shows one end (Ophir), as does his 2nd, and the fourth pic shows Telluride with various industries, the turntable, passenger station, etc. The main loop climbs up to the top of the rock wall, crosses the lower level and the path, and then descends around the terminus back to the front and then up to Ophir. Various sidings service businesses along the way.

I’ll leave it to Jim and Bruce to fill in the gaps and describe operations, which tend to be a bit unstructured on open days. Bruce did write eloquently about operations in his posts from last year’s visits.

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It’s actually the Ridgway Grand Scenic Railroad, or RGS for short. :sunglasses:

Ask and ye shall receive; here it is! (Jim just sent them to me :innocent:)

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