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OPS Session, Alexandria VA

The first OPS for the Ridgway Grand Scenic Railway is scheduled 9AM till 5 PM for 5-6 Nov, in case of a rain out on 5-6 Nov we will run on 12-13. The RGS is F Scale all battery powered. Live steam can run if it can be controlled with a transmitter and receiver. We are located in Alexandria Virginia. The railway has 160 feet of continuous 2% grade up grade and 160 feet of downgrade. The Ridgway Grande Scenic is patterned after the Rio Grande Southern; Ridgway (Diorama in doors), Trout Lake, Butterfly Mill, Ophir Loop and Telluride are all outdoors. RSVP appreciated. Address and questions are available at [email protected]

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Ooh. More nice pictures!

Great news. Jean & I plan to be there.

Well, i won’t be back from FL the first weekend. Seems churlish to hope for rain . . .

I’m retired so lots of availability. If you like Jo Ann and I can work with you to find a date that works.
Would have to be after Oct 23rd.
Contact email is [email protected]

I thought folks went to Florida for the winter and came back in the spring. Perhaps that was YEARS ago?

All depends if a Hurricane just came through and trashed your condo. . .

Mesa Arizona seems to be the winter destination for a bunch of my acquaintances.

No hurricanes??? Well, I did Fort Huachuca, Arizona in 1971 or 1972…VERY dry!

My folks used to winter vacation to Scottsdale, just a little to the North. My oldest is in Tuscon year round and hates it.