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Opportunity to publish articles concerning gauge 1 live steam

I contacted the editor of “Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading” magazine, which is primarily a periodical devoted to the ride-on scales. I was wondering, with the demise of “Steam in the Garden”, if his magazine would be interested in articles about live steam on gauge 1 track. He responded with a nice note indicating that they have done G1 articles in the past and would welcome new submittals for stories. They have a author package that outlines their rules and requirements for articles. It can be obtained from their website or by emailing them using their contact link.

Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading

Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading has been published bi-weekly since 1967, covering hundreds of subjects and providing step-by-step projects with diagrams to inspire.

In addition, he said that they used to have a column on G1 live steam topics but that that is on hiatus at present and he would welcome someone to pick that up as well.
I recall that SITG had several serial authors that published multiple articles, and perhaps would be interested in an additional venue to inform and educate people about our hobby, as well as new authors with a story to share.


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