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Opinion on selling a locomotive

I have a 1:29 locomotive that I plan on putting up for sale in time for NELSTS delivery, or if it doesn’t sell prior to the show I’ll put it on the White Elephant table.

The locomotive does not have R/C or sound on board. It is set up set up for use with a trail car that provides power and sound through two cables with connectors. I’m wondering what might be the most attractive power option to sell this loco…

A - Leave as-is and supply trail car hook-up instructions. Lowest sell price.

B - Convert back to track power (easily done at no cost). Low sell price.

C - Include the Cheesy Sound trail car with NO SOUND or RC Control boards or battery installed. Slightly higher sell price.

D - Include the Cheesy Sound trail car with a RailPro LS3S-G installed (less battery) making a functional system with the addition of the battery of your choice. Still higher sell price.

E - Convert to on-board RailPro with battery - Fully functional stand-alone loco. The highest sell price with the addition of two new components.

When powered by a trail car, (A, C and D) the lights function the same as a track power loco. Directional lighting comes on just before the loco begins to move. On-board control would add manual control of all lighting.

My guess is that most folks would want Option B - Stock wiring for track power. This gives the buyer to run as-is or add the control system of their choice.

If you were shopping for a loco, what would you prefer?

If it were me that was interested I would want option “B” Then I would call you and ask for help installing all the on board components :grinning: :wink:

Seriously Jon it all comes down to how much work and expense do you want to put into something your getting rid of and how much return do you need.

I would go with leave as is with a list of components installed and what has been done

I think this would have the broadest appeal, as it would suit the once-a-year-at-Christmas folks, the people-like-Eric-who-enjoy-troubleshooting-track folks, and the people-who-swear-by-Company-Fill-in-the-Blank folks.

I’d bring the components with you and offer to sell them separately. There may be folks who want the parts for B-E but have a loco in mind for them at home.
You could also offer a discount on the component package if they buy it with the loco.


I’ve sold many engines of different scales on eBay, I can tell you the engines that bring the most are the factory stock engines and the original box. When you start changing thing up your buyers become less interest in your item as each buyer likes his stuff done his way. I would say B would be your best option.

keep it simple, …

so, “B” it should be. there are much more people interested in simple roundy-round toys than in sophisticated models.

There’s a lot of interest in locos that are r/c and battery converted. If I had spare time, I’d do it as a business.

I would offer it as-is, with the various options available. Price Option B and let the interested buyer negotiate the rest.

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That’s exactly what I’m going to do. As-is with mating connector pigtails, or convert back to track power for extra $.

I’ll be listing in the For Sale section today.

Leave it as is, option for buyer to have track power restoration ( lost cost or free). If someone wants the RC stuff I’d sell it separately and negotiate a install price.