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Operations on the IPP&W/RP&M 2016 OVGRS

We find Fred at one with the railroad at this weeks operations. Mike’s blog tells it all.

Shssssssssssssss, leave’m alone, he’s quiet…(

…and I intend to stay quiet…I just put another small submersible pump into the pond to supply the birds with a bird bath with running water. I also mounted a rear flashing red light on my new John Deere Tractor…I think I have started Monday morning well. The weather is sort of “Indifferent”, so I think I’ll do some coupler conversions for the afternoon entertainment, along with enjoying a bheer or two with Gord…

Oh…I just remembered that I need to go to HD for an 8 foot 4x4 to be used for a bit of work on Wednesday morning…good use for the tractor and trailer…

I liked it better when he was quiet !

Me too…(

Nice report! Looking forward to July.

Here we are, a year and a half later, just before Christmas, in 2017.

Ric says “Looking forward to July”, way back then in June of 2016. Word has it that he and Jan plan on making a “Single handed” Invasion, again in 2018.

Since he would in all likelihood, again be using Ken’s word “Invasion”; I don’t suppose there will be any official warning, unless he and Jan, gang up with Ken. Bruce, and any number of fellow Americans, to make the thrust, of Friendship, into this old Bytown…the original name of Ottawa.

They sometimes in the past, used the excuse of “Going North” for relief from the heat, of July weather in the South, so I best set up some sort of “Defense” against the lack of ice cubes, cold bheer, and other refreshments. Invasions take a toll on the Invaders, and since they are actually great FRIENDS, of everyone up here, we don’t in any way want them to suffer hardships of any kind, doing the deed of invading, and spreading the word of Good Will, along with a welcome dose of Friendship.

The IPP&W, and RP&M Railroads are already planning for upgrades, and annual improvements in 2018. We will start them as early as possible in the Spring of 2018. In the mean time, we are doing more upgrades in the ore car fleets, and general maintenance on rolling stock. This keeps us busy, during the cold, and wintery weather of January through to April. All the operating gang met a week or so ago, and are eagerly awaiting Spring, and another great operating year, on the IPP&W/RP&M Railroads.

Fred Mills

OK, Ken…I’ll now shut up, and remain quiet…but I assure you that I’m very much alive…!!..and I hope you are too, and will remain so…!!