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Operations on RGSNH, sunday Nov 5th

I finally got a small group together this past Sunday to do an operating session. the video below is only half of the trains we ran. thanks to Joe Brodbine, Phil Johnson, And Wes Warner for making the session possible. need to take time next year and do a complete video of the entire railroad.

the previous day the 315 ran briefly on Stan Ames railroad, and had a road failure. over nite the mechanical staff worked diligently to effect repairs. apparently i assembled the spacers and sleeves that position the drive gear incorrectly the last time, and although it all fit together, caused enough friction to melt one side of the plastic washers. corrected and flipped the washer and all appears good.

Apparently Microsoft is continuing to remove previously installed software on my windows 10 machine, as the app i had used in the past to edit videos is gone. i downloaded windows movie maker off the web, but they want $20.00 for the pro version, that allows you to save work in progress.

will look @ other options.

Al P.

Was good to see 315 on the rails at Stan’s. Glad the fix was fairly straight forward.


Al, VERY NICE! A really large garden railway with broad curves. Your Ohir Loop Station and tipple are very nice indeed (Banta Kit?). Really like seeing RGS#20 running…assume it is a Berlyn. Could yo tell me who makes the Ford Rag Top parked at Ophir?


i built the Ophier station prior to the Banta Kit becoming available. and is full 1:20 scale. the tram house is similar construction as i used PVC sheet to make the base structure, then lots of soda can tin, the supports all scale lumber. the section car shed in its most basic form can be had, just ask Bill to cut you one. the toilet house is Banta (not shown) and i am working on Bill to get me the 0 scale plans for the House at the end of the trestle, so that may be available soon.

my Berlin #20 is limited to short consists these days as i had the main drive gear get loose on the axle. i was able to glue to secure but will not test it with heavy loads.

hope to get down your way next year.

Al P.

Looks like a metal model…Hubley, or whoever came after them…

This looks a bit fancy for a Hubley, but maybe someone can wield a mean paint brush?

Sorry i missed it in the first reply to Jim.

Yes it is a Hubley. lots of work to clean up the flash but well worth the effort. one winter i just sat down and built the six kits i had on hand. there are a couple i do not have.


Which ones you missing Al? Message me you just never know

There are still a lot of new in the box Hubley kits on ebay. Issue is most are very expensive. Now there are many completed Hubley cars at much better prices. Issue with most of them is the plastic wheels. The plastic dried out and they break. Now if someone with a 3D printer wanted to make some wheels…

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