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Online auction

There’s a fairly large auction of G, O, and RR collectables.

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At a recent auction, I saw what I thought was a baby photo of Rooster.

But naah, not the right eyebrows.


˙uo ɹɐǝƃ ʇɐɥʇ ǝʌɐɥ ʇ,upןnoʍ ǝɥ os 'ssnʍ ɐ s,ɹǝʇsooɹ puɐ

and it is well advertised, so expect lots of competition. Also check the buyers premium and the shipping cost - I bought something a few weeks ago and discovered the auction (not these guys) used a separate professional shipper and charged $30 fee to hand the item to them.

Some lively bidding going on

Some ridiculous bidding going on. Lots of stuff going for way more than you’d pay on eBay!!

I’ve found that stealth is the best weapon. I got a HLW 4-4-0 missing a front truck, last week, as it didn’t say ‘g scale’ or similar in the title. There’s an AMS tank car on its own in a general auction going/closing in 5 hours [Oops, someone just outbid me.]
And then there’s the J&M brass 1/32nd coach that I picked up for a song in a ‘storage locker’ auction.

I was watching it mainly for the railroadania (sp?), but bid up a lot of cheap straight track for display purposes. Didn’t win those, even the Lionel and Bachmann track went for nice $.

FWIW here’s what I scored. Not much, but good enough $43 +shipping.

The 1st and 4th items represent my usual hopeful strategy: bid low and hope no one else covers. By some miracle that worked ($7 for both), but nowhere else in this auction! :grin:

The 2nd and 3rd items reflect my more usual common strategy: get ticked after loosing all the other lots and keep covering out of determination to just win something, or at least make the other dude pay dearly for getting in the way, haha! Yeah, that’s not as cost-effective… :unamused:

What are you building ?

You might wanna scald that dipper before use!

I was thinking of adapting it for the paddle here:


Well if that is the truth then you have failed us as the dimensions are all there to be laser cut and 3d printed!

Do or do not!

Try or try not!

Still think you should scald that dipper !
Amtrak Yoda