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One of my hobbies Wood Turning

I do wood turning as a hobby and production turning as a part time business.

Posts and spindles for a rebuild.

Stair spindles made on a Legacy ornamental lathe.

Wood flowers for fun.

Turned lamp shade on a fence post floor lamp.
Thanks for looking.

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Red Oak king size bed I made for our oldest daughter for a wedding present.

Cherry Queen size bed I made for our middle daughter for a wedding present.

Cherry Queen size bed for wife and I, spiral posts and it is held together with pegs that you see in the last picture.

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Love the corbels ( or perhaps they are just brackets stacked together? )

you do excellent work. I am a weekend warrior when it comes to turning. I am truly in awe that you can make so many repeated pieces without a duplicator. I know it can be done and you obviously have proven it. But I still very much respect the ability to do it.

Good stuff!
I used to turn years ago.
Now I follow a guy from Canada on Tube (Sprague Woodturning)
who uses resin and exotic woods to make fantastic items.

Thanks for the complements. I do enjoy the challenge of making duplicates and see how fast I can make them with out screwing one up. They are brackets stacked.

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